Second Tragedy: QVC Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice’s Daughter Dies Just Weeks After Her Mom



This news is so shocking we literally can’t believe it. And thanks to our posters for bringing it to our attention.

Jeanne Bice’s daughter, Lee Bice, 47, died July 1, almost a month after the death of her beloved mother. Jeanne died of cancer June 10.

It of course makes us think that the tragedy of losing her mom, the queen of Quacker Factory. killed her, broke her heart.

Lee Bice
And that is exactly what Lee’s brother said, according to Angel Smedley, who often represented Quacker factory on QVC.

“Tim & his wife said it was from a broken heart,” Smedley posted. “That is all I know.”

The Quacker Factory website has a photo of Lee, which simply says, “Terry Lee Bice, February 17, 1964 – July 1, 2011.”

Apparently, QVC has not acknowledged that Lee, who often appeared on-air with her mom, has passed away.

Here is what one woman posted on QVC’s community boards:

I ask that you please acknowledge the passing of Jeanne’s daughter Lee in the same professional manner you did when Jeanne passed only a few short weeks ago.

She was an integral part of the Quacker Factory and a special on air “guest” personality during shows in the past few years…

This is a shocking, double loss for the Bice family and friends in such a short time.

Prayers are sent to their families and friends during this difficult time…
Together, Jeanne and Lee will sparkle the heavens for all to see, as the night sky has two new stars above us all…

Bless you both… thank you for years of Quacker happiness!

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Comment by Jackie Dunn on July 9, 2011 at 11:00am
I ama truly sorry.
Comment by Debbie Rafe on July 11, 2011 at 12:59pm

 It is a shocker to hear about first Jeanne and now her daughter Lee. Unbelievable. Sympathy to their family and friends.


Comment by Joyce F Rogers on July 27, 2011 at 4:37pm

It is a shock about Jean and Lee.  I have watched Jean for 18 years on QVC and loved to see her.  However why is it so hush, hush on what happened to them.  We have not been given any reason for either of their deaths.

I just want to know what took them from us.


Joyce Rogers


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