I just opened up the latest quacker news section only to see that Lee Bice had passed on July 1, 2011. I was not aware that she had been ill. This is such a shock! I also met Lee on the last cruise and after Jeanne's passing I kept telling my Mom that Lee will  continue for Jeanne as she always spoke about Lee's shopping trips and their new ideas. I was so looking forward to seeing Lee's appearance on the Q in the future. It is so hard to comprehend this. This must be so difficult for Tim.  I will miss her smile-she reminded me so much of Jeanne. I told my Mom that after Jeanne passed if Lee put on a bandana on her head she would look just like Jeanne-she resembled her so much. I will pray for Tim and his family. There must be a reason why God chose to take her to heaven.  She is now joined together with her mother and her father and we now have another bright shining star in the heavens above.

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When I went to the QF site and when I opened it and saw Lee's picture with her birthdate and passing date I didn't absorb it. I know what the dates mean but somehow couldn't believe this so I blocked it out so much that I didn't even scroll down to read that this was true. So I went to community to see if anyone had any comments and there was nothing so then I went to the blog and saw condolences to Tim. I still didn't seem to grasp this. I googled terry lee bice and found articles on her passing. I sure took a long route with this. I was so looking forward to Lee carrying forward QF for Jeanne that I had a hard time accepting it. If you google terry lee bice you will see the site Second Tradegy: QVC Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice's Daughter this is where an article say Angel commented on Lee's passing. The site address was also homeshoppingista.wordpress.com   

CCM Pool said:

Thank you is much for posting this about Lee, we would not have known. May God Bless Tim and family and Angel.

Hi Kathy, I just sent a reply to CCM pool about my experience before I sent out my message re: Lee's passing. If you google terry lee bice then go to the site Second Tradegy: QVC Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice's Daughter you will find the article about Lee's passing. It has comment from Angel there she mentions Tim and a brokenheart. The site's address is also homeshoppingista.wordpress.com in case you don't find the Second Tradegy listing. 

Kathy Doan said:

I truly believe that people can die from a broken heart. Maybe that's what took Lee. God bless Tim and all their family and friends.
Hi Andi: If you scroll down to CCM pool I just sent a message re: Lee's passing and a site I found on google. Maybe you might like to read it. I was in such shock that it took me a good 45 mins to really make certain this was true I had such a hard time accepting it. Sandi

Andi Moser said:

I am in shock over the news about Lee.  She was such a very talented person by reading all of her accomplishments on QF dot com.  I truly was looking forward to her big impact as QF was going onward.   My thoughts and prayers are with Tim and the entire Bice family.  Not to worry, we Quackers have you by your bra straps, just hang on.

Hi Dianne: I just sent a reply to CCM pool regarding a site I found about Lee's passing. According to the article posted it talks about her brokenheart. Go go google and type in terry lee bice then select the site Second Tradgey: QVC Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice's Daughter. If you don't see it the address connected to this site is homeshoppingista.workpress.com  At this site they say Angel talks about her brokenheart. I am still having a hard accepting this. Was looking so forward to Lee taking over for Jeanne with QF. 


  Dianne said:


I had no clue that Lee was ill. Wasn't she the one on the show before Angel started woking with Jeanne?  My prayers go out to the family once again.

Tim, no words can express what you must be feeling. You will never forget, but someday, although not today, and maybe not tomorrow, it will get easier. I promise.



Hi Kathy, I didn't go on vacation but didn't do any computer work since it was the holiday weekend and all. When I went in and saw the notice on QF I didn't really absorb it. I sent a detailed message to CCM Pool about this. Also found a site through google by typing in terry lee bice then going to site Second Tradegy: QVC Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice's Daughter and there is a detailed article mentioning Angel and Tim and reason for death. The site's address is homeshoppingista.workpress.com in case you don't find it the other way. 

Kathy Emma Potter said:

I was shocked to hear the news of Lee's passing when I got back online after a extended week of vacation.  My greatest sympathy to Tim, the Bice family, friends, and Quackers.  This has certainly been a difficult month for all.  God's blessings to all. 

Hi Gail,  Yes it's true, I had such a hard time accepting this after I searched it out when I first saw it before letting other know. I contacted my best friend who is a nurse and she said that she truly believes that everyone had a date no matter what. Said some people get into the worst accidents and come through and then others don't make it through minor things. She said there is a reason when God calls you. Perhaps Lee was meant to be joined with Jeanne and of course Butch.  Blessings to you and your family.

Gail Norusis said:

I just got back in town so this is the first I'm reading of this. Life is surely strange-isn't it?-with all it's twists and turns. Poor Tim to lose a mother and a sister-what unimaginable pain. My deepest condolences to him.


Hi Colleen, I sent a reply to CCM Pool Lee's passing after I searched it out. If you google terry lee bice and go to the site listed as Second Tradegy: QVC Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice's Daughter or the address for the site is listed under homeshoppingista.wordpress.com  The article there talks about Lee's passing by Angel and Tim from a brokenheart. I was looking forward to Lee continuing QF for Jeanne. I know they worked side by side as Jeanne would talk about it on the Q. This makes me so sad. I wonder what will happen with Quacker Factory now. Perhaps Angel and QF team will take over??  I still cannot imagine QF without them on the Q. I will pray for everyone especially Tim. I cannot imagine how he feels.  Blessing and prayers to all Quackers.

Colleen said:

HI All,

 This is the first I have heard that Lee passed away. What was wrong with her? Does anyone know. Have they said anything on the Q? This is horrible poor Tim and her family. I am just in shock she was so funny and just starting to get used to being on air with her mom. God has his reasons for taking her right now but it is hard to understand.


Lee Bice...may your light contine to shine brightly....
Second Tragedy: QVC Quacker Factory Queen Jeanne Bice’s Daughter Dies Just Weeks After Her Mom
July 6, 2011 by homeshoppingista

This news is so shocking we literally can’t believe it. And thanks to our posters for bringing it to our attention.

Jeanne Bice’s daughter, Lee Bice, 47, died July 1, almost a month after the death of her beloved mother. Jeanne died of cancer June 10.

It of course makes us think that the tragedy of losing her mom, the queen of Quacker Factory. killed her, broke her heart.

Lee Bice
And that is exactly what Lee’s brother said, according to Angel Smedley, who often represented Quacker factory on QVC.

“Tim & his wife said it was from a broken heart,” Smedley posted. “That is all I know.”

The Quacker Factory website has a photo of Lee, which simply says, “Terry Lee Bice, February 17, 1964 – July 1, 2011.”

Apparently, QVC has not acknowledged that Lee, who often appeared on-air with her mom, has passed away.

Here is what one woman posted on QVC’s community boards:

I ask that you please acknowledge the passing of Jeanne’s daughter Lee in the same professional manner you did when Jeanne passed only a few short weeks ago.

She was an integral part of the Quacker Factory and a special on air “guest” personality during shows in the past few years…

This is a shocking, double loss for the Bice family and friends in such a short time.

Prayers are sent to their families and friends during this difficult time…
Together, Jeanne and Lee will sparkle the heavens for all to see, as the night sky has two new stars above us all…

Bless you both… thank you for years of Quacker happiness!

(This is the post from HomeShopping site, thank's for posting the link, Debbie)
Does anyone know what happened to Lee? Had she been ill before this? This is unbelievable.  Please, someone tell us what happened to her. Thanks.
Hi Linett, If you scroll to Debbie Striblng's message she posted a lenghtly article where Angle Smedley said she was given information Lee passed from a broken heart.  This is so sad. My prayers go out to Tim and his family.    

I was so sad to hear about Lee. I loved Jeanne and her clothes. My heart goes out to the rest of the Bice family and also to Angel. Remember Jeanne picked you for a reason. I will continue to watch Quacker shoes when they are on QVC. God bless you all

Andi Moser said:

I am in shock over the news about Lee.  She was such a very talented person by reading all of her accomplishments on QF dot com.  I truly was looking forward to her big impact as QF was going onward.   My thoughts and prayers are with Tim and the entire Bice family.  Not to worry, we Quackers have you by your bra straps, just hang on.

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